Based in the Reykjavik city, 4th floor hotel is a fine hotel with eighteen rooms and one luxury suite and which has recently received a facelift. The theme and design of the hotel is simple and interesting. Its décor derives its inspiration from modern trends, and its soothing colour scheme of black, white and brown is perfect to set the mood right. The rooms are decorated in line with modern minimalism that is further accentuated by exclusive lush zebra patterned beddings, which altogether create a relaxing atmosphere to release stress after a tiring day.

The hotel is situated at the junction of the streets – Laugavegur and Snorrabraut, which is also quite near to the city’s main bus station. It is at the heart of Reykjavik with main attractions like the Reykjavik pond and Parliament building at just a 600m walk away. Finding boutiques, artist’s shops, museums, restaurants and cafe is quite convenient from this place. There are many premier food joints that serve lip-smacking Icelandic dishes which would indulge every whim.

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